Simulated Evolution - Artificial Life and DNA


Green food appears in a world with red moving cells. These cells eat the food if it is on their position. Movement of the cells depends on random and their DNA. A fit cell moves around and eats enough to reproduce. Reproduction is done by splitting the cell and randomly changing the DNA of the two new Cells. If a cell doesn't eat enough, it will first stand still and after a while it dies.

Run the Application

git clone
cd simulated-evolution
mvn clean install exec:java

or Download the jar and double click on it to start the Application:





   cell is young

cell is fat enough to reproduce

cell is old enough to reproduce

cell is hungry and waiting for food or death

cell is old and waiting for death
*(if cell is fat and old enough for reproduction it splits and changes the childrens DNA)


UML Class Modell

UML Class Modell of Simulated Evolution Application



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