Cool: Installing JBossAS from inside the IDE

I've installed the JBoss IDE with JBoss Central into the Spring STS 2.9.1 based on Eclipse:

To start with a Java EE 6 Web Profile Project, the IDE for itself downloads and configures the JBossAS 7.1 JEE Application Server. This is really cool and very nice to have.

Downloading and installing JBossAS 7.1 from the IDE

Coexistence: JBoss IDE and Spring STS

Coexistence:  JBossAS 7.1 and VMware vFabric tc Server

Project Setup based upon Maven3

The Project is a sample, deployable Maven 3 project to help you
get your foot in the door developing with Java EE 6 on JBoss AS 7 or EAP 6. 

This project is setup to allow you to create a compliant Java EE 6 application 
using JSF 2.0, CDI 1.0, EJB 3.1, JPA 2.0 and Bean Validation 1.0. It includes
a persistence unit and some sample persistence and transaction code to help 
you get your feet wet with database access in enterprise Java. 


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